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text from your ex.

Text messages from your ex girlfriend/ex boyfriendusually wanting something they can't have. Don't give it to them.
Antonio - hey you got a text message.

Brad - thanks. oh no its not a text message. it's from my
ex clarissa. It's an ex message.

Antonio - oh okay an ex message I get it. Thanks for explaining that one to me.

Brad - No problem. So what you doing later?

Antonio - Oh i don't know, thought i'd stay in.

Brad - Oh how lovely.

Antonio - yeah thanks... don't you want to know what i'm doing?

Brad - erm yeah sure.

Antonio - I thought i'd just stay in as well.

Brad - Right...

Antonio - You're so hot.

Brad - What?

Antonio - nothing... (whipers) i love you.
by Rickitson January 17, 2008
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When an ex boyfriend/girlfriend goes nuts and fills your inbox with text messages - either calling you ridiculous names or begging for you back or a combination of the two.
I woke in the middle of the night to an inbox full of ex messages, my old boyfriend really thinks text poetry is the way to my heart...puhleeze.
by ALY79 July 10, 2008
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When you text an ex accidentally thinking it goes to someone else so an awkward conversation starts.
Yo i meant to text you yesterday about that porn site i subscribed to but i pulled an exmessage somehow, and I had to go into conversation for like an hour so she doesn't tell anyone.
by SteamedBroccoli March 08, 2009
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