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ewave can be defined as a human with ape qualities who day dreams too much and smells horrible and eats feces when the cake and bbq has run dry.
example: man foo this dude at the mall was a straight ewave. i wanted to barf and jab this pen in my eye because he was grotesque.

- mofoD
by ComplexDreams of H-I August 17, 2009
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An Ewave is a species of portuguese wannabe Dj who plays more girls than records. A typical Ewave can be found frequenting around the Geneva nightlife scene, getting rejected by girls or slipping into 18 year olds DMs. An Ewave is usually in his late twenties, has at least 3 girlfriends at all times, (none of which he would ever follow on Instagram ofc) gets fired from any job that requires the use of brain cells and is constantly bragging about their next (insignificant) release. You can easily spot an Ewave by their hideous tattoos, immature behaviour, frequent use of β€žkindaβ€œ and β€žoupsyβ€œ, terrible english and heavy french accent. Other observed behaviors include; Overdosing on Moscow Mules, judging anyone and everyone, porn addiction, lack of manners and education
β€žDo you Ewave?β€œ β€žNo.. so creepy that dude he sends me DMs pretending to be famous lol, Hes so desperate .. As If!β€œ

β€žOh god have you seen that guy over there hitting on those girls!β€œ β€žThat’s just Ewave out cheating again!β€œ
by TheFacetuneDetective May 21, 2019
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