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EUSMC, or Eastern U.S. Music Camp, is just about the best place on earth. Its in Hamilton, New York. There is an on-going war between us, the "band geeks" and the "sports freaks". But at least we can use the ice-cream machine. At lunch, if you ask if anyone has an extra ligature, 5 people say yes. You have to eat healthy so you don't get a derse belly, and everyone sqeels with exitment if we get to sing Elijah Rock in concert choir. You don't even try out for jazz solos because you know Elissa will get it. We'll never forget wrapping Lowery's car in plastic wrap and saving cream and the rule to live by is "if its wet and its not yours, dont touch it". thank you nurse stephanie. We look forward to 2 things in camp. first the trip to the Glimmer Glass Opera House. second the counclor recital, with sean, john, and tom's "one of these things is not like the other one", and Quin's rubix cube. And don't forget the inturpretation of John Cage's "4:33".
one day in eusmc:
Mr. Lowery: if i yell af you guys its just because I love you.
Some clarinet player: We love you too Mr. Lowery.
Mr. Lowery: Shut up
Zac: yes, but Mr. Lowery, the emportant thing is that I love you.
Mr. Lowery: I gotta go take a shower.
by bandgeek213 January 01, 2006
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