A person who, instead of supporting their own cities A-League team, chooses to support a team which plays 3000km's away.
Real football fan: "hey man do you wanna come watch melbourne play sydney next weekend?"

eurosnob: " nah the a-league is shit, I watch teams who play over 4000km's away and I have no real connection to".
by footballfreak July 1, 2010
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1. A pretentious prick that is born and raised in the United States, but does not support their local Major League Soccer, North American Soccer League, or USL Pro club. Instead, they cheer on a European giant, preferably of the G-14 clubs (i.e. Manchester United, Barcelona, Bayern Munich, etc.) that have little to not connection to. Often, they will refuse to go to their local MLS team's matches and watch their favorite European teams play on TV.

Eurosnobs have sheer ignorance towards MLS because they are under the false impression that anything American soccer is supposedly bad, when really their head is too far up their ass they just talk and act like shit.

2. The same scenario as above, but only applied to Australia's A-League.

3. Any non-European whom claims their favorite soccer team is not their local team.
1. MLS/real soccer fan: Dude, did you see that intense Seattle v. Portland match last night?!

Eurosnob: Hahaha, really? That's the MLS. The MLS sucks. They have stupid names. Sounders? Timbers?! C'mon should be Seattle City or Portland FC.

MLS/real soccer fan: ...seriously? Enjoy glory-hunting, while I have fun cheering on our local team.
by jonnigga October 20, 2011
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Any American who claims that a European team is their favorite team for any reason
Emmett is such a eurosnob. Instead of watching his local MLS team, Orlando City, he only watches Arsenal because his roommate's dog's best friend's cousin bought his girlfriend an Arsenal jersey while in London
by jonnigga May 30, 2015
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A fake soccer fan from the United States that only hops the bandwagon and supports European powerhouses rather than their local MLS, NASL or USL club. Eurosnobs tend to have poor grammar and reference MLS as "the MLS" as if it's some third world league. Any time a European power house plays an MLS club in a friendly two things happen: If the Euro club wins, the Eurosnob will say it clearly shows how supreme they are. If an MLS club wins or draws, the Eurosnob cries that it's a fluke, the club played with reserves. The same situation can apply for Australia's A-League.

Eurosnobs tend to cheer on multiple European giants, in the hope that one of the clubs wins the Champions League. Additionally, most Eurosnobs cannot name anymore than four or five teams in the EPL. For the Bundesliga, La Liga and Serie A, Eurosnobs may be only able to name one or two teams. Essientially, they're the American soccer bandwagon.

This breed is vehemently loathed upon by the American, Canadian and Australian soccer communities.
True American soccer fan: "So, you're telling me you're not a fan of D.C. United, but you cheer on Barcelona, Manchester United, Bayern Munich AND Inter?"

Eurosnob: "...Uh...yeah...they don't suck like the MLS. D.C. United...HA."

True American soccer fan: "Ignorant eurosnob. You're not a true soccer fan."

Eurosnob: "Yeah I am."

True American soccer fan: "Name a team in Span...that's NOT Real Madrid or Barcelona."

Eurosnob: Um......
by jonnigga April 9, 2011
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n. An American who is a soccer fan but refuses to support either the U.S. National Team or Major League Soccer, instead cheering for European teams they have no personal connections to, based on the perceived superiority of said teams.
Fan 1: "Hey, you like soccer, too! Wanna check out the Dynamo game?"

Fan 2: "I'd never watch American soccer. I'd rather watch Arsenal on TV than go to a live game down the street."

Fan 1: "Douchebag Eurosnob Traitor..."
by Badgerjohn August 9, 2009
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