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A specific sexual act where the man has rough anal sex with either another male or a female, and right as he is about to ejaculate, he pulls his penis out of the anal cavity and allows himself to cum on the outside of his partner's butt hole. He then places his face right in front of the butt hole and his partner farts- causing an explosion of semen in the man's face. The man then has the decision to either injest his own cum or clean it off.
Shawn was having butt sex with M. Shadows but M. Shadows did not want Shawn to ejaculate within his small intestine so M. Shadows proposed that they engage in performing the european steamboat. After a quick explanation, Shawn was incredibly excited to perform this act.
by Jeremy19 August 04, 2007
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the act of flatulating in a girl's mouth and come out of her nose; just like a steamboat.
i ate lots of beans last night, so i gave your sister a european steamboat :)
by A-GNA5ty December 13, 2010
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