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Originates from Nigeria (Igbo language), which literally means: " I praise God".

It's an uncommon unisex name. He/she has a strong unique personality. They are usually artistic, versatile and creative. They are focused and actualize whatever they set their mind on. Pacesetters in their sphere of contact, fun loving and adventurous beings, never scared of trying new escapades. Etomchis are the best kind of friends because they have an endearing aura of guestfriendliness. They see beauty in everybody and optimism in every situation. Etomchis are cute especially when they smile. Though they can be perceived as stubborn at times, due to their strong-willed nature.
Wow! He possesses unique admirable qualities. He must be definitely Etomchi.
by Tomsybabe March 19, 2017
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