A mook whore fuck for brains queef bag, licker of whore's asses, stealer of phrases, endless quoter of comedians, stealer of lunch seats, and a conceited sandal & sock wearing squarp bitch.
-Dude stop being an Ethridge!!
-Hey dont go there, call me a douche bag, call me a queef, call me an asshat, but dont fucking EVER call me an Ethridge!
by Roger Farnham September 30, 2006
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Lane Ethridge is so sexy he is a kkk redneck and he lives to kill ducks and deer and loves to catch bass in his ranger boat pulled behind his gmc Denali hunting mother trucker and he always wins like trump.
Lane Ethridge is a redneck kkk member
by Jakin fear September 04, 2018
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