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a disease known for causing swelling in the large upper area of the pharnx. Also caused by eating too many moldy sheets of toilet paper. If you digest turtle butter (your gooch sweat) you may catch this devistation of lifeness. There is one cure for this disease, licking the bunny from Trixs' fat ass. After you do this, billions of patches of pubic hair will spurt from your body. If you are a woman, girls hate you. If you are a guy, other men are attracted to the ethinloff scent of your pubic hairs-hence the name of the disease-ethinloffster. This may cause depression because cock doesnt appeal to men, and girls always need attention from their fellow gender. This disease may cause ultimate hunger, and loss of weight. Some how this disease makes that possible. Sometimes, extra genitals may sprout. Tell your doctor if this extravagantcy occours.
by Nate Wasbum August 27, 2008
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