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Ethergoth is a subgenre of gothic fashion & music. The name stems from the ethereal music scene that began in the 80's. It can be characterized by it's serene, ambient qualities & unusual, often hard to define lyrics. The fashion of an ethergoth is more subtle or toned down than other versions of goth. They wear simple, all-black outfits that channel medieval or romantic gothic styles. Bell sleeves, amazing hats, & elegant skirts are common among girls in the scene, while ethergoth men wear poet shirts or tee shirts with simple black jeans. Jewel tone colors can be found among ethergoths quite commonly. The personality of a person who enjoys ethergoth music & fashion tends to be a quiet thoughtful soul who would rather read a good book, sip tea, or take a walk in the park than hang out at a noisy club. They love to surround themselves with the unique beauty they see in the world & can be found creating, painting, collecting crystals & bones, & burning incense. Ethergoths love to educate themselves on matters of philosophy, literature, mythology, nature & the supernatural & can be a wealth of information. Some goths who normally wear more dramatic fare dress like ethergoths when they need to be more toned down for work, family reunions, etc. It is also a good way for young folk who are interested in becoming goth to dip their toes into the subculture without horrifying their parents.
Look! There's an ethergoth photographing a bird skull she found on a hike.
by NoraNightshade September 19, 2013
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