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A legion of élite highwaymen, pirates, and other judicial vigilantes, who are inevitably on the wrong side of the powers that be, and yet not for the purpose of working against them. Often unsung heroes, misunderstood, lovable rogues, who do not reveal all their cards until precisely the right moment. Never to be underestimated, crossed, or taken lightly, these highly-trained avengers are snake-like in their infiltration, hulk-like in their revealed presence, and armageddon-like in their destruction of their target.

Origins: The Dalnet #SmokeFilledRoom which housed the initial conspirators; the first essephar council. Now to be found on irc:// fighting the good fight in one way or another.

essepharon - member of essephar
essepharesque - similar to essephar
essepharian victory - victory in the style of essephar
essephar council - the core of essephar, original and senior members
1. An essepharian victory was enjoyed by the 22nd Regiment as they entered the base of the enemy and liquidated all hostiles.
2. The Magnificent Seven are a veritable essephar council.
3. Essephar operations are feared the world over.
by ivan July 13, 2003
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