Idiomatic onomatopean broken spanish exclamation aiming at provoking a reaction, guilt, or irony in the interlocutor
- I slept with your ex boyfriend Jason.

- No way !
- (on the side) Escandalo.
by @socialhoe March 1, 2019
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Primarily Spanish, but similar spellings & pronunciations for other romance languages, e.g., Portuguese.
Meaning is focused on a "scandal" or "scene" especially if it involves great passion, strong emotions or feelings, and leads to, or has notable potential to lead to disruption, embarrassment, or anything perps should have guilt about. The word isn't "spanglish," patois, or any kind of ad hoc vernacular. It's a legitimate word with a well-researched pedigree that goes back to ancient Greek & PIE (Proto-Indo-European).
Carmen descubrio a su tesoro, Juan, passed out on top of her BFF Cassita in a closet after that party. Que un escandalo!
by @billyr May 18, 2023
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