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A wonderful girl. She is kind, loving, smart, helpful, beautiful, cute, and caring. She is an AMAZING friend. She is out of this world. The name "Eroupa" comes from the name of one of Jupiter's moons. She will always be the light in the darkness. She outshines everyone in the room. Her eyes are full of wonder and creativity. She is outstanding. She is the loyalist friend you could ever have. She is an amazing girlfriend. But... if you do her wrong, she will make your life a living hell. She can be very cold and heartless. But as long as you stay on her good side you will be just fine. She is everything you want in a girl. She is perfect.
Oh my good she is gorgeous , she must be an Eroupa.

I wish I didn't do Eroupa wrong, everytime I look at her I regret everything.
by Alex Hoi June 06, 2018
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