Like "ermahgerd snercerners" (oh my god snow cones!"

It's just a more fun way to say oh my god! Or you can say ermahgersh if you don't feel like saying ermahgerd. You can talk with the 'E' and 'R' with almost any word. That's the only language me and my friend Joey speak to eachother. It's pretty fun!!
"Ermagerd! Snercerns!" (Oh my god! Snow comes!)

"Ermahgersh mer ferveret serng!" (Oh my gosh my favorite song!)
by Ermahgerdness it's andrea January 28, 2015
(Noun): Ermagerd is a term used when (on social media) you see a crazy post (or a spicy meme) and want to say "OH MY GOD" but don't say it right, or just can't spell.
by Urbanwordcreator January 7, 2016