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(n.) Erectile hyperfunction (EH) is a disorder of the penis that causes a man to always have a hard on. Men who are full of themselves and believe they are Gods gift to women are often posterboys for EH. Because they always have a hard dick, they will have sex with just about anyone, including other men and do not feel bad for letting the family pet lick peanut butter off their genitals. Men with EH think having EH is wonderful. They also believe everyone and their mothers want a piece of that. Men with EH are at greater risk for STDs, multiple lives, and crusty underwear. If they are not fucking actual women, you will often find them pretending to be taking a big shit when, in fact, they are jerking off in the bathroom.
In today’s news, a woman who found out her husband has Erectile Hyperfunction and has been blowing loads in hundreds of women for the last 20 years, cures him of the disorder when she cut off his dick and threw it into the alligator exhibit at the local zoo.
by Btwitsjennifer June 05, 2018
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