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This describes a man who does not care if a woman is short or tall, thick or thin, black, brown, red, yellow, or white skinned, if she has kids or not, or if they are 10 years older or younger. Or 20 years, within the boundary of the law.

A woman only needs to be attractive for an 'equal opportunity cock' to be interested in having sex with said woman, and of course, attractiveness is relative...

The song 'Every Girl' by Lil Wayne describes the mindset of an equal opportunity cock.
(Spotting a hottie) Bob: I'd hit that.

John: I'd hit lots of women. I have an equal opportunity cock.


White guy 1: I'm not attracted to black women.

White guy 2: Whatever. I have an equal opportunity cock.
by t_doffing July 18, 2009
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