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news reporting in a style that mimics entertainment (or sometimes sports) reporting - often involving flashy graphics, individual theme music for particular stories/topics, and a general eagerness that makes the cynic within all of us suspect that news directors secretly yearn for disasters on a grand scale* - also, news stories that are heralded by promotional soundbites earlier in a day/evening's programming that could have been quite informative but instead are frustratingly lacking in information and designed not to inform on the topic at hand but merely to tease in regard to the upcoming broadcast and, presumably, increase viewership

*this is now so prevalent that it is routinely spoofed on fake news shows and segments and the joke is quite obvious
story taglines, using election coverage as an example:
real - "Decision 2000"
spoof - "Indecision 2000"

promotional messages such as "this regular household substance could be killing you and your children - is it in your kitchen? - more at 11pm"
by Anthony Sheppard June 03, 2005
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