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To clarify the above definition, the statement that Ensworth is the best school in the state, and possibly in the country is false. There is no empirical evidence backing up that claim. other schools, such as the University School of Nashville and Montgomery Bell Academy have more credibility when it comes to empirical evidence on this subject. Academically, Ensworth lacks when compared to USN and MBA. To be truthful, Ensworth's athletics are superior, but that's their main focus. Thanks for allowing this clarification. When it comes down to it, athletics really do not matter.
Ensworth people (it's actually the parents): "Hey, that has to be racist. Someone call the Nashville Scene to make that person/school look really bad for something that's not really racist."
by #keepitdoney July 15, 2011
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a middle school and high school located in nashville tennessee. known for its intense athletics and tough academics. school colors are orange and black. founded in 2004, this year (2007) it will have its first graduating high school class. ensworth is generally for the upper class, but they do offer scholerships. hosts a feild day for the middle school once a year, where the 2 teams (oranges and blacks) compete against eachother. oranges have had a winning streak of 13 years! rivals against mongomery bell academy and harpeth hall. ensworth is the best school in the state, and possibly in the country. GO TIGERS!

"where do you go to school?"
"ensworth middle school."
"what color are you?"
"lucky you."
by shelby connor October 15, 2007
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