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The email address specified in this scary story;

If you have msn messanger, open it up. Delete all of your contacts, and keep it that way for one week (creating a new account won't work; it needs to have been used). At the exact one-week point from when you deleted your last contact, sign on again. Add someone called "end@end.end" and sign out. That same day, log in at exactly 1:55am and wait until 2:00am. "End@end.end" will sign on at 2:00am. It will remain online for 30 minutes.
If you get the courage to talk to it, you will soon discover that it will not respond. It will only respond if you ask it a specific question:

"What is The End?"

Your computer will lock up for about 30 seconds, and then the screen will go black. You will then see a video pop up in the blackness. Do not close your eyes and avert your gaze: you will die immediately if you do. Watch the video. It will show you dying in the most horrible death you can think of, one you always thought would be the worst. In the background, there will be the sound of an infant crying.
When the video is over, click the red heart that is in the center of the screen. Your computer will return to normal. All your contacts will be back, but "end@end.end" will be gone. You will not be able to re-add it.

You will die exactly as shown three days later.
Anybody have the guts to IM end@end.end?
by YourAverageAnnika June 10, 2010
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