A MASSIVE rave that happens in South Australia twice a year.Summer and Winter enchanted. Can draw in, up to 7000 people or more. They are usually held at big warehouses or outside with acres of room to run around and rave. Enchanted is unlicensed so people of all ages can go, but you dont really see anyone under the age of about 13. People kandi ravers dress up in colourful costumes, leg warmers, fluffy stuff, glow sticks and go as people such as nurses and tinkerball and fairies. The guys wear phat pants which are HOT and glow under UV lights. The best rave of the year by far, with DJ's from all over the world.
Enchanted Forest was the best rave i've been to all year.
by little missy March 19, 2006
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A plethora of pubic hair madness. A bush can reach enchanted forest status when it begins to travel down the legs and up toward the belly button. The only cures for such a condition includes weed wackers, hedge trimmers, chainsaws, napalm, and agent orange. Be warned that the unicorns, grassland gnomes, and other woodland creatures will not take your distruction of their homeland well.
Damn, your enchanted forest is quite plush today.
by Vladamir Pootzalot June 24, 2006
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