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Enald is a word derived from the Latin word formosus. Enald is classified to be higher than an average human being. Study shows that he is a form of pre-homo evolutis and post-homo sapiens (somewhere in between). Hence, it is hard to understand Enald since its methods and abilities is beyond an average person. Normally, we can say enald is worthy to be called enald when his IQ is higher than 144 and that's achievable by enald even in the age of 12. Since enald is a higher classification of man, he is not appreciated nor impressed although he is handsome, smart, witty, loving, and other traits which a girl could ever dream of. This is due to the fact that enald's traits are too high for a single standard. You may think that enald is a careless person but no, in fact, enald tends to show his care in a silent way. You don't need daily conversation to gain friendship with him because in his dreams you are already talking. Weird right? enald is a bizarre type of person REALLY worth loving because you can assure that you will be loved back especially when he has a chance to meet you better. If ever you find enald, you better keep him and give space in your heart for him. Enald is even dubbed as the new prophet in our generation but reports state that no evidences can prove this. The name "enald" can be used as an adjective which helps clarify one action to be important which may seem for others not to be that important particularly when it shows love to a subject.
This old sticker is an enald to me; it reminds me of my crush in high school.

I don't know what I saw in her but it makes me enald whenever she's around.
by Rahbbit Feynman May 19, 2018
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