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Empafuck is a combination of the two words "Empathy" and "fuck." It is a term used by lawyers and business people that means faking empathy with someone ("I feel what you're feeling.) to fuck with their head and fool them into thinking you're on their side. The purpose of empafuck is to shine them on and get them to go away because you're busy or to make them comply with your program or plan without bothering you further with their annoying complaints.
Homeowner to Bank Manager: Please don't foreclose on my mortgage and evict me and my kids. Where will we go?

Bank Manager: I feel your pain. It's not your fault. I talk to people like you every day, so don't feel singled out or alone. I'm sorry. There's nothing I can do.

(To Self: You've just been empafucked. So long, sucker! You're out!)

by carol in san francisco July 10, 2010
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