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One who provides emotional fulfullment for another person in exchange for money or goods. This may be accomplished where the Emotional Prostitute pretends to care or actually cares about the customer's emotional issues.
I am an Emotional Prostitute. For fifty dollars I will listen to your problems and make you believe I actually care.
by thoughtlesspig November 23, 2010
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Noun -

Emotional Prostitutes seek fulfillment through another. They find it uncomfortable or unprobable to be self fulfilled. The term has nothing to do with prostituting one's body; hence the word EMOTIONAL in front of it.

Emotional Prostitutes may seek an emotional fulfillment during sex, but it shouldn't be confused that they seek sex itself. It's the intimacy behind the sex, or the attention they receive that comes with the sexual act.

The term is a play on words, but is used to describe a common occurence within society - particularly on women because they are assumingly naturally emotional.
Unable to be alone, and craving the comfort of another, Janice realized she was an Emotional Prostitute
by An Emotional Prostitute November 18, 2010
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