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The most sickening individual to ever waste oxygen.

A truly sick otaku, lusting after yet another anime download, listening to ultra-depressing, whiny emo music with lyrics something like this:

"my girl dumped me cuz she caught me wanking off to ani-porn"
"I just threw up and I'm laying in ramen and corn'
"I lost my job and couldn't pay my rent"
"now I sleep in a bus by the junkyard fence"

The emotakunese are usually ex-ravers and goths who are so far removed from reality that they cannot funtion in real life. They will steal whole bottles of pain meds from a terminal cancer patient and think nothing of it. If they actually HAVE a job, it won't last for more than three weeks before they get fired for guzzling robitussin at work.

Mo matter WHO they live with or where they live, their anime addiction manages to gets them kicked out within a month. They aren't CASUAL anime fans, but are so deeply obsessed with and consumed by anime that it controls their entire life.

They attempt to "convert" family and friends to the "anime scene" and drive most of them away in the process.

WAY beyond the definition of a fanboy, the emotakunese is a true otaku in both meanings of the word. They know just enough Japanese to produce engrish subtitles and dialogues to their animes.

They deny that they have a problem being addicted to anime and will NOT seek help no matter how badly their life unravels. Any serious relationship with the opposite (or same, in many cases) sex that doesn't revolve around mutual addiction to anime is doomed within weeks.

A truly sad, pathetic loser with no purpose outside of anime. They should all be shot and purged from the gene pool, but it would be a waste of good ammunition. But with enough of that stupid "emo" music, they'll likely slash their wrists eventually anyways... if they don't freeze to death in that junkyard bus FIRST!
"Fuck! That little emotakunese bastard has my computer filled with IRC trojans again!"

"If that emotakunese fucktard doesn't get a fucking job before sundown, I'm shipping him off to military school with the goddamn Finckelsteen shit kid! Sonofabitch!!!"

"Dammit! I KNOW I had a full spindle of CD-R disks! That little fucking emotakunese thief anyways! Just wait until he gets home from that a-kon! He's outta here... and his little Asian ho too!!"

"Well you little emotakunese e-tard, we're gonna FUCK ya now... But we're gonna fuck ya SLOOOOOOWWWW!!!!"
by Death to Otakus January 21, 2005
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