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An emo jock. A flock of jocks can be emocks, especially when displaying obvious characteristics such as pining, whining, and secret desires to grope during the big game (eg; Rugby, American Football, Curling, etc.).
Emocks often adopt the obviously emo "stripey-shirt" look, but try cover it up using brighter colours, as well as styling their hair in many ridiculous fashions.
A good comparison between an Emock and a regular Emo is that they like to show their "feminine side", and "get in touch with their feelings". In the case of the emocks, however, this is only ever expressed in the ability to wear pink clothing without feeling like a fag.
Person 1: Man look at those emocks over there! Point and laugh!
Person 2: No way man, those will beat us up to hide their obvious emoness!
by Len-a December 30, 2006
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An Emo Jock. A man who is both Emo and a Jock.
An Emock may wear faux vintage clothes that they bought from a boutique style store, they are incredibly vain, and are all about sharing there feelings. On the flip side they work out excessively, play football on the beach, and have guys night.
by Robert L. King September 15, 2008
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