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a disheartening seed planted verbally by one emo individual into a non-emo individual. side effects of an emoberry include a more pessimistic view point of a certain subject or just a more meloncholy mood overall.
Brittany: that MCR song totally planted an emoberry in my soul and i was mad pissy for the rest of the day
by xapplexpiezx February 02, 2010
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The state of becoming selfish, vain, and egotistical to the point where people whom you care about (ex. friends, family, girlfriends/ boyfriends, lovers, and past girlfriends/ boyfriends) have left you and/or decide that you are being too much of a lamo to even tolerate at which point you being too obsess with people and/or circumstances that are beyond all reasonable possibilities and become a stalker.
An ex boyfriend who follows you at work asking why you are with your current boyfriend instead of him, and sends you an untold amount of messages on the internet asking you to come back to him, and spends the rest of his time sulking and crying to his other friends..... this is Emoberry
by disneydiva7 July 10, 2008
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