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Someone who really tries to be "emo" but all the emo kids hate him for being such an imature, wannabe twat. He doesnt understand emo at all and acts goth because he thinks thats what emo is. He is all Oh I hate my life because my parents split up oh how it sucks I better listen to the same band over and over again (Often easy listening bands like Coheed & Cambria or Death Cab For Cutie)

He buys whatever the emo kids buy, about a week later, and is constantly searching EMO on google to try and find out what he is getting into. He takes the stereotypes for truth, making the emo kids hate him even more. He will say he likes a band when he has only heard one of their songs, or even if he has never heard of them, for example
Joe Emo: I love thursday
Emo Wisher: Yeh they are cool (note to self, listen to thursday)

He lives primarily in a huge house and is very stuck up, but calls everyone else snobs. He will call everyone else names like "Wannabe" or "Poser" when he is really them.

He copies everything one particular emo that he has trust in does, he copies the things the emo wears, listens to, signs up for, says and just the way he/she acts.

Nobody, again, nobody likes Emo Wishers. They just pretend to so not to hurt his feelings.
Emo Wisher - Hi guys
Emo Kids - Oh Hi, um, Drake is it?
Emo Wisher - Nooo, my names Edd.
Emo Kids - Oooh. Sorry. *Coughs*
Emo Wisher - Look I bought a The Used CD!
Emo Kids - Oh. Cool I guess, but Panic! At the Disco are in now...
Emo Wisher - Yeh they rock! (Note to self, buy Panic! A.T.D.)
Emo Kids - *Cough* Wisher *Cough* *Group Laughing*
Emo Wisher - Huh?
by Jacob Elland January 07, 2006
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