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Long Bangs worn on male emo/hipsters that usually begin from a part on the side of the head- usually far enough over to cover a receeding hairline or bald spot, if necessary. May also hide forehead acne and/or a uni-brow.
Frequently seen in conjunction with the grown-out faux-hawk.
Often these bangs are used to provide the illusion of mystery and/or rockstardom.
Oil is essencial to this look. If a wearer must bathe more than monthly, natural occuring oil may be supplemented by sweat, gel, or saliva.
That guy who sold me scalped Death Cab tickets had the hottest emo comb-over! His bangs were so long I could barely see the pill-induced glaze over his eyes!
by sarzz May 14, 2006
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A hairdo emo people use to look like Cousin It, but don't know they do so. This is probably why some people think emos are scary. After all, who isn't afraid of Cousin It?
"Like, omigosh, I just thought I saw liek, Cousin It, but it turned out to be my bf and his emo comb-over"
by Jadien August 08, 2006
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