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Emo sucks. period. worst for of music ever its about cutting your wrists and sitting in a dark corner in a room and crying. Oh, and the stupid plugs in the ear lobe nasty skin dangling down. Thats going to look good when you stick your head out of your ass and get a job.Stop sucking manufactured cool on mtv's teat long enough to realize what a dumb son of a bitch your being by listening to this shit. I mean your 14 relationships don't really count stop crying about a boyfriend/ girlfriend that broke up with you it doesn't matter. Oh yeah and thier guitars are just accesories they don't even use them no solos or anything just look at the hawthorne heights video he doesn't use it may look like it but he doesn't. Yeah why do all emo bands sound the same? they sound like if an 8 year old that hasn't gone threw puberty yet. Its all whine, whine, whine, cry, cry, cry my girl friend dumped me. Act like a man before I chop your balls off or wait they are already off thats why your sound like your 8 years old.They also have stupid screaming in the backround too god just shut up.
Hawthorenw heights:cause my heart is in ohio! So cut my wrists and black my eyes(so cut my wrists and black my eyes screaming in backround) cause it kills me...see told you they are cutters
by Maddox rules August 17, 2005
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emo sucks its for people who like simple plan, and good charlotte which is equally gay.
emo fag: I like simple plans new video where there on the bridge because the song has such great meaning and aspiration. emo blows: oh shut up you ditz
by swolb ome January 24, 2005
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