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1. A synonmyous variation of "emo sucks," which is an indisputable fact because emo is a false musical/fashion genre with absolutely nothing new to offer other than its own bland hodge-poge rip off of other, genuine musical subcultures, false negativity, and pride in looking like all other emo clones.

2. When one sad emo boy sucks the sad, limp penis of another emo clone.

3. A pathetic "girl punch" and/or "sissy slap" thrown at anyone in the vacinity of an emo clone whom is in the midst of a contrived tantrum.
1. I had a mystical vision, wherein the ultimate truth was revealed to me and inscribed in stone it said: "emo blows!"

2. I caught sad Sammy and homo Hank giving each other emo blows under the bleachers at the Sadie Hawkins dance.

3. That emo kid over there just unleased a flurry of emo blows and even though he connected, nobody felt a thing but amused pity.
by Marcus Solomon October 26, 2007
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A bunch of tool bag bands like fallout boy, and simple plan, and other no name bands that are mostly made of emo kids, they usually like complaining about their in-ability to get girldfriends and their obvious problem of being a bitch. They also encourage guys to cross dress and wear sweaters and girls pants. These bands have the worst singers and sound like 10 year old girls, singing along to britney spears or they were castrated and had a stick up their ass whilst singing. it is the only logical answer to their high pitched voices.
Most of the people who like emo are the same people who were "preps" when that was "cool" only 6 years ago. Now that being a prep has gone out of style they deny it and act like it never happen.
even though they are convinced they are rebeling, they are just conforming to the countries newest fad, of being a complaining tampon.
emo kid: OH MY GOD, did you hear? fall out boy is coming out with a new CD!! oh my god i cant wait to sit at home and cry because my girlfriend dumped me for being a bitch! gosh i cant wit to get a gutiar and think that im good and play in a band that not even other emo kids like!! not only that but its gonna be great getting tickets to their next concert in my town by giving the ticket master a blow job because im a big fat faggot! it gonna be such a great time!

me: shut up emo blows your bitch!
by conor March 19, 2006
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