1. In other words, Emo Love. Often used by emo kids - teenagers who listen to "emo" or emotion rock/pop/punk music (eg. Taking Back Sunday) - to show how much they love other emos, be they male or female. Often seen carved on desks in science labs, because well, emos are often h-o-tt.
2. Also appears in emo msn display names to show love for other emos or one gf/bf emo.
1. Haha, check out what some emo kid in 3rd form has carved on the Physics desk! Emo <3! Man, he likes emo guys/girls!

2.example of an emos name;
by Haha123 June 18, 2006
Sam: Hi Paul
Paul: Hello Sam how are you
Sam: I got asked out by an emo bitch
Paul: Is that a good thing or a bad thing
Sam: It is good, I heart/<3 emo bitches
by that idiot in the corner August 30, 2022
emo ppl r ppl called kou
anyone named kou is emo
wow kou ur rlly emo <.3
by halfgay123456789 August 11, 2021