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She is the most beautiful person you'll ever meet she is kind loyal and will always keep a promise she's very sexy and hot she will melt your heart away if you ever get an Emilyse make sure to keep her because you'll never meet someone like her again.She will always keep a promise and she will make sure to be the best just friend you will ever have she is very shy at first.She would make a great girlfriend/wife. She makes sure she stands out in a crowd. She is very creative she is smart she usually gets A's and B's in class she always listens to the teacher. She is short sexy hot smart creative funny fun beautiful adorable.She is kind and mysterious.She is very athletic and strong she loves to play football baseball and pretty much any other sport. She loves listening to music. She only dates if she knows he's the one. It is very hard to find an Emilyse but when you do she will take your heart away with love.If you find a Emilyse KEEP HER you will never find her again!
My girlfriend Emilyse is so hot and smart!Im so lucky!
by Robert Hicks May 28, 2017
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