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The phenomenon of going to a party or large social event and finding that either you don't really know anyone and you feel uncomfortable enough to want to leave early or simply that people are coupling off an creating a 'six of them and one of you' effect.

However, to leave you feel obliged to announce the fact which you find embarrassing, as a result of your lack of social contribution to the event. Therefore you feel it requires less awkwardness to stay at an event you would rather get out of there and then.
That party was dreadful. It was all Steve and his Leicester Uni crew and if you weren't in the 'Scott Hall Three' massive you couldn't follow the thread of what they were going on about. I tried to contribute but ended up in a 2 hour embarrassment hole pretending to watch the late movie on Five while they reminisced about 'Carnage' on Leicester High Street in the mid Nineties.
by mids99 November 01, 2009
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