Emane is the most craziest person once you get to know her she is friendly and a trustworthy mate but when people are fake she’ll box you in the face and show you how she can be when you show her your real side . She is definitely wifey material and best in the kitchen.
Emane makes peng rice
by Saskiaxx March 19, 2019
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The act of holding responsibility for an object, movement, organization or other certain things, yet selectively and selfishly ignoring said responsibility in favour of their own profit or of their own interest.
"I swear this guy is such a strong believer in emanism, just look at him on his golden throne giving no fucks to anyone else."

"I literally didn't get paid because of my boss' emanism."
by rachneru February 23, 2018
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Acronym for Eat My Ass Nigga. Used as an insult or as a means to eliminate dissent.
Person A: "Should you really be drinking Jack Daniels through a funnel?"
Person B: "EMAN!"
by Amer Medunjanin November 05, 2011
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an alternate term for a blowjob, head, becky, dome, top. It is pronounced as eemon. long vowel "e" and then mon.
Damn, Haley gave me the best eman last night at the football field.
by beckygirl7897 February 24, 2010
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this man is so fluorescent he outshines the sun , watch out niggas
yo niggas wheres the shades at this niggas blindin me nigga
by 1nigga2 April 13, 2005
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The most gorgeous human being EVER. A ride or die if I’ve ever met one. Will stick with you through everything and cares deeply for evryone. Usually puts more into people than they put into her but it doesn’t stop her from taking care of people she loves. Can also be a guy name
Need me an Eman to take care of me.
by Free the melons May 03, 2020
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aka Eco-Man.E-man and his trusty side-kick/love, Nova Kane were called on by General Dove whenever he had a worldwide threat.Eman had numerous enemies whose mission was to destroy him. Juno and Michael powers were highly destructive and Battery was the most dangerous. Emans powers converted toxic waste into elements to protect the environment.
Eman saves the rainforest.
by Nova Kane October 05, 2010
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