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A crazy yotuber with a heart of gold. He is really good looking and gets all the girls and his YouTube videos are crazy. He has recently got an insane tattoo on his ankle of his YouTube channel name ‘elmofilms’
“Have you seen that youtuber elmofilms!”
Yeahhh he’s crazy who hasn’t seen him!”
by Socialclimberslitfandomx May 29, 2018
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Elmo films also known a Spencer Elmer is a funny, outgoing youtuber with a heart made of gold. He often makes funny content on his YouTube channel where he has gained 156k subscribers. He also has various other social media platforms including Instagram where he has gained a huge following. He is a part of the social climbers and is often associated with online stars such as Touchdalight, lookingforlewys, joe tasker, jmxs brother and Millie t. He will go very far as a youtuber it’s guaranteed.
“That youtuber Elmofilms is so nice.”
“Yeah and his videos are amazing.”
by Socialclimberslitfandomx May 31, 2018
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