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(Formerlly 'The Acadamy') An amazing rock/classical band from york, with Alex Davis, Ed Minton, Ed 'Teddy' Hetherton, Ali Paul, Dan Hetherton.
With 26 songs including 'Parallel Worlds' and 'Jessica' they are just amazing.
They are truely amazing, i seen elliot Minor 3 times ! HAHAHA
by Michael R Jones October 25, 2007
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Rock band consisting of five public school boys from York.

Edward Hetherton hates references to him being a bear, don't do it.

Alex Davies loves playing the violin almost as much as smashing one up.

Ed Minton can't stand to make eye contact with anyone he knows whilst playing as it distracts him.

Dan Hetherton is in and out, he's getting around.

Ali Paul likes peacock porn.
"I've been clubbing with Elliot Minor after their gig."

I'm actually being serious, several times, but that's not the point, I just wanted to say something unteenie.
by umbrella53 January 06, 2009
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Band of 5 (fiiiit) Yorkshire lads, Greeaat music (Classical rock-pop) and they all have amazing personalities.
Lead singer & Guitar - Alex davies (oooft)
Second singer & Lead guitar - Ed Minton (Ooooofttt Ayeee.)
Keyboard - Ali Paul (Mmmm..)
Bass - Ed "Teddy" Hetherton (Yeshh)
Drums & backing vocals - Dan "Milky Bar Kid" Hetherton (Mmmmhhhmmm.)
Wow! Did you go to Elliot Minor's Manchester over 14s gig last night?! It was amazing!

I met Elliot Minor yesterday night! :O

Elliot Minor are my favourite band.

The Elliot Minor boys are Fit!!
by Lorneeee. July 10, 2008
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An awesome band that consist of Alex Davies (he's mine so back away...) Ed Minton, Teddy Hetherton, Ali Paul and Dan Hetherton. They're all amazing and pretty much all of their fans (apart from me) have met them.
Person A: OMG i met Elliot Minor.
by Emily Bollands May 19, 2008
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