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(aka EC) The county seat to Howard County, one of the top five richest counties in America. This town houses the upper middle class preps who drive around in their beamers or SUV's. The best girl's lacrosse team in the country plays here and Sport's Illustrated named it "Sportstown USA." CNN Money also called this town one of the "Top 20 Best Places to Live." People live here during the school year in their huge houses and mansions while they vacation in their summer beach houses on the eastern shore.

Teenager's here definately know how to party and live it up. Everyone wear's Polo, JCrew, Abercrombie, Lacoste, etc. and epitomizes preppy upper middle class kids.

The schools are one of the best in the counry and the sports teams are elite. If there was one place people would want to live, it would have to Ellicott City.
Where are those preps from? They seem really cool.

They're from Ellicott City.
by ec.hoco April 21, 2006
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Ellicott City..(E-City)..inside the great Howard County and is easily the sweetest city in it. Ellicott City might have its share of rick stuck up people...but it also has a bigger share of sweet ass people..who know how to party. Very well known for lacrosse..with the 2 best teams in the county in it..Centennial High School and Mount Hebron High School. That is always the most crowded game in the county and for the past about 5 years there has been one year when it wasnt one of these two teams to win the county championship. So basically I will end this off with a commmin to yeaahaa...Ellicott City is fucking sweet
If you live in Ellicott City, theres a pretty good chance you are sweet!
by Noah Sadoun October 17, 2005
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known for absolutely no nightlife, lacrosse and being rich. the 3 high schools include mt. hebron and centennial, and then not holding up their end: howard high school. by CNN money ellicott city is ranked as the 20th best city in the entire united states, as being an overall city to live in: crime, schools, richness, etc. this city is mainly white, with up and coming asian population and some blacks. its a very sugar coated place, as there is nothing to do. everyone that grows up in ec, moves back. its just that place. the loopholes in this 'perfect place' is town and country. a poor, disgusting neighborhood with mexicans running rampant. its really in centennial's district, but they didnt want it. so these kids go to, and tarnish, mt hebron. besides this anomaly, its a good place. its ec
" hey, where do u live again?"
"the bronx, its so rough, my mom got shot today by the mafia, where do u live, again?"
"um... I live in ellicott city. "

by jennifer894758903475 April 07, 2006
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The most boring, asian-filled city ever, the only thing to do there is go to Columbia cause there's always something to do there.
ellicott city sucks, there's barely any diversity and there's nothing to do there.
by joe725 April 09, 2007
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