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elevator roulette, noun phrase. A game one can play when one is the sole occupant of an elevator. The object of the game to fart, preferably a really smelly one, gambling that you will be able to get off before the next person gets on, preferably shortly before the next person gets on.
Getting in, she immediately found herself trapped in a stalled elevator in which some odious person had just played elevator roulette. She gagged as her eyes began to water, the overpowering stench permeating her freshly shampooed hair and the expensive silk blouse she had just had drycleaned.
by Karl Pfeifer December 09, 2005
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n 1: game played voluntarily or, most often, involuntarily by a person riding an elevator after expelling flatulent fury upon the interior air space of the vessel. Winners are determined by safe and undiscovered passage to intended floor without another passenger entering the space, thereby protecting the identity of the player while in transit.. The game is especially challenging in high rise buildings or during peak riding periods such as lunch or afternoon rush hour.
"Jeez, you remember those sausage & jalapeΓ±o nachos I ordered at 1:30 last night at the bar? Yeah man, they gave me some heinously crippling diarrhea this morning at work. I tried to get to that quiet bathroom on the 18th floor before the levee broke, but ended up playing a wicked game of elevator roulette on the way. Yeah man, it could have gagged a maggot. I nearly made it but got busted by a bike messenger getting on at the 16th floor. I feel so sorry for that guy. Yeah man, stunned silence."
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**Best in groups of 3-4 people with 3-4 separate elevator doors.

Each participant leans with their back against separate elevator doors, feet planted on the ground with their weight supported against the door as if sitting in a chair. Someone presses the elevator button. An elevator will come, when one of the doors open, the person leaning against it falls inside. That person loses.
"Dude they were playing elevator roulette and John's opened!"

"What happened?"

"He fell inside and broke his tailbone!"
by CorporalKitty April 30, 2012
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