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Similar to elephant line used in fraternity initiations. The game consists of guys walking around in a circle at least half-naked whilst each has a thumb up the ass of the guy in front of him and the other in their own mouth. Similar to musical chairs someone stops the music and then everyone comes to a sudden halt. If any frat boy's thumb is dislodged from the other guy's anus he must then switch his thumbs until he is out of clean ones. No more clean thumbs and you are out of the game.
Dude: "I am going to FSU because the frats there play with elephants 'n' shit."

Me: "You are gonna go play with elephant shit?"

Dude: "Some elephant game or some shit."

Me: "Yeah, you are perfect for the elephant game. BTW, How long have you been sucking your thumb?"
by Hullabaloo April 26, 2006
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