This is a device for turning liquids into smoke-like vapour. The liquid can contain nicotine and is usually called e-liquid.

Also known as an e-cig, personal vapourising device, technofogger and vaporette.

It is a battery powered device that emits a flavored fog containing nicotine (if the user prefers it) when inhaled. It is an alternative to real cigarettes, and contains no tobacco, tar, or the thousands of chemicals in tobacco smoke. It also produces no second hand smoke which makes it legal to smoke in most establishments.

The device uses a liquid to produce the fog. The liquid consists of pharmaceutical grade Propylene Glycol, flavorings, and nicotine. Nicotine amounts are typically available in ranges of 0-36mg per ml. A small amount of users will experience an allergic reaction to PG and should discontinue use if symptoms appear. Care should be taken to keep the liquid out of reach of children and/or pets as nicotine is a poison.

The E-cig comes in various models and colors, most of which are similar to the size of actual cigarettes and cigars.

Although the words E-Cig and E-Cigarette are commonly used, they are not the best terms to describe the device.
I don't need tobacco when I can vape with my electronic cigarette.
by Narkybeast January 17, 2009
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An electronic cigarette review website, who is deemed an authority website among many consumers of a variety of different electronic cigarette brands. ECCR for short is a team of individuals, who spend their time with electronic cigarettes to evaluate their puff count, battery life, design, charge times, flavors, etc.

They can be found @

and they also run their reviews through Youtube which you can search them for just by typing in "eccreviews".
Jane: I honestly just want to find a good ecig.
Joe: why don't you just visit Electronic Cigarette Consumer Reviews?
Jane: Why should I?
Joe: Because they're truthful.
by Adiehardfan April 8, 2013
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The Safe Cig is the largest electronic cigarette company in the United States and was also the first company to introduce electronic cigarettes to the American market close to 4 years ago. They are the only company in America to privately fund all research & engineering for all of their products. The Safe Cig is a family owned and operated company located in the beautiful hills of Hollywood California. They pride them selves on offering a world class product to their valued customers each & every time an order is placed. Their customer service goal is very simple: if there is a problem - we get it fixed.
The Safe Cig Electronic Cigarette

As of August 2010 The Safe Cig has partnered with a major television Studio in West Hollywood California and will start airing 30 second commercials on 11 major TV networks or about 193 Million Television sets in the first week of September. The company plans to go public by 2012 and has promised that they will only offer stocks to their existing customers and then the general public.
by Model # SC 1007 August 26, 2010
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