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elecia is a girl who is so beautiful all the guys want to talk to her. she is short and she likes to have fun. she has really big boobs and a perky ass. she likes to make new friends and if you piss her off you have something coming to you. she loves going out and she hates the house. she been through a lot but she always seems to make her way through it. she is extremely enthusiastic and she is always in a great mood.
person 1: that girl mad pretty with some big boobs and everybody loves her
person 2: she must be an elecia then
by bishwhet February 26, 2014
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A total sweetheart. Beautiful and majestic in every way shape and form. A romantic. This girl is perfect, perfect like no other. She deserves someone who cares as much as she does. A lover girl with an enlarged heart. Don't break her heart, for she'll unleash hell.

Person 1- Woah what an amazing girl!
Person 2- definitely and Elecia
by _anon__ September 04, 2017
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