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Strong, Savvy, Disciplined, Courageous, and Caring. You are a sassy lady who speaks up for your beliefs and has the classic traits of a humanitarian.

Pet names:

Blondes and Red heads commonly go by Elle - fun, light-hearted, sweet,

Black hair and Brunettes commonly go by Nora - sophisticated, deep, worldly
That girl, Eleanora, she's got it together yo
by iownthisyear April 11, 2016
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A super-hot, one of a kind girl with curly brown hair and hazel eyes. Eleanora's are EXTREMELY intelligent, kind, athletic, funny, and one of the greatest friends anyone could ever have. All the boys fall in love with her, and all the girls want to be her best friend. If you ever meet an Eleanora, never let her go.
Luke: Who's that girl?
Macie: That's Eleanora!
Luke: She's cute, I'm going to talk to her.
Macie: Good luck, She has a bf!
by secretttt:) November 03, 2018
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