it implies the black one.the people who dont speak spanish should not translate anything that they dont know.get it right,negro is the color black....thats it
cual carro le gusta?el blanco o el negro
by a spanish guy April 21, 2009
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Only the manliest of all men....ever!In fact, he's just barely a man. He's more of a giant super manly cyborg version of chuck norris. he's HOT!
Oscar: I like men....
Taylor: I summon the wrath of.... EL NEGRO!!
And then oscar imploded to a vagina.
by taylor) February 04, 2009
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directly translated it means the black cat, but in slang it means the black pussy.
Got myself some gato negro last night with a big ass and some big titties to go with it.
by CudaGuy August 21, 2004
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Literal Spanish translation: "the black kiss"

Figurative urban translation: "the act of licking someones ass hole"
Eugine spent extra time primping his chocolate starfish in the event that his girl Marcie pleasured him with "el besso negro".
by The Feltcher October 17, 2005
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El Gallo Negro (pronounced ‘El Gayo Negro’) is Spanish and is translated into ‘The Black Cock’. Sometimes used as a nickname.
Danish song - “Og jeg pumped, det ligesom Tarantino,

endnu værre de kalder ‘el gallo negro’

Jeg hælder i hovedet, ej prøv og se mig
Jeg stopper ikk før jeg ligner Morten og Peter” translates into “And I’m pumped, like Tarantino,
even worse they call el gallo negro
I'm pouring drinks in my head, don't try and see me
I don't stop til’ I look like Morten and Peter(Danish downsyndrome celebs).
by OhYeahYeah123 March 07, 2019
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