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the most bushiest man the world has ever known. able to rape anything with his possessed one nut. even dinosaurs. he could literally reach back in time and rape anything. his hands were the size of a tv screen and gave him untold abilities to give others "the holy". one time he raped everyone that was Chinese because it was the only way. destroyer of pumpkin festivals, master of the bush, hang time champion for a compact car, and ultimate praise machine. his death was mourned by many but had he lived the world as we know it would have been destroyed. will return in the 2nd resurrection. also known as the man in the sunfire.
eye witness1: my first encounter with el cyber is a day i will never forget. he rode through my town in a sunfire, and i thought he was a normal man but i was wrong. and i knew i was wrong when everyone started screaming in pain and pleasure. and i realized they were all being raped by one man. and he was the man in the sunfire.

eye witness2 : i knew el cyber since i was young. his possessed one nut is just so...(long pause)...UNTANGABLE! you cannot control it...
by datdick June 04, 2011
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