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1. ejo is ejo.
2. a form of ejoness.
3. lacking a misunderstanding of the term ejo.
You are an ejo.
Why are you being so ejo?
by xjo July 26, 2006
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Means Eternal Jump Off. Basically, it is an older woman that not Wifey-Material and never will be. She has been a jump-off since her younger years and has never learned or gained the skills and behaviors that would put her in the Wifey category, and she NEVER will. These women are easy to spot. They are the old chick at the club who is desperately trying to cling to her youth, and failing. Gravity, age, and bad living habits have taken hold on her like a Boa Constrictor, and she doesn't look good at all. On top of that, her personality is as shitty as her looks. They're trying to be Cougars, but end up actually being an Alleycat.
"DAMN!!!" Look at the old, ugly busted chick at the club. She ain't got no business here. She's not cute and only good for steady pumping. She's been looking for a man, but dudes know better than to wife that up. She'll be an E.J.O. until the day she dies.

I heard Keisha had to walk home from the hotel last night. Dude fucked her, and let her stranded with no cab fare. It's the 10th time this money. She keeps crying and asking why men don't say with her. She's an E.J.O. and the only one that doesn't know it is her.
by DarkMessiah1974 April 27, 2011
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Short for eat-jack off-sleep
I:What are you doin' tonight? EJOS?
by Ian April 02, 2005
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