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A sexual encounter (or series thereof) so profoundly intense that one is left completely drained and totally disabled sexually for a significant period of time. One must "recover" from an ejaculectomy in much the same way as one would "recover" from a surgical procedure.
"She performed an ejaculectomy on me last Saturday night, after which I spent 2 days in the ICU. I'm just starting to eat solid foods again."

"Marla has been performing ejaculectomies since she was 18, and is a Fellow in the American College of Ejaculectomy"

"I desperately need an ejaculectomy, but I'm having trouble finding a provider who'll accept my insurance."

"I got an ejaculectomy my first night in Cancun, and spent the next 2 days laying by the pool and not even looking at any of the girls in their bikinis."
by Trippstadt September 21, 2009
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