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Pronunciation: \ˈē-(ˌ)gō-jac·u·late\;
Function: adjective;
Etymology: : New American English, a combination of the New Latin, I, plus the Latin ejaculatus, past participle of ejaculari to throw out, from e- + jaculari to throw, from jaculum dart, from jacere to throw

Date: 2009

transitive verb

1 : to eject an opinion of the self (typically a douche bag) especially as contrasted with another self or the world in an orgasm of ego masturbation eg <"Kanye West, the egotard had another egojaculation over Taylor Swift at the 2009 VMAs.">
2 : to ego-fart suddenly and vehemently; a : with an air of an ego maniac 2 b : because of uncontrollable self-esteem 1 eg <"On the Today show, Tom Cruise egojaculated about Brooke Shields and how he thinks psychiatry is a pseudo science and scientology is a legitimate religion.">

Synonyms: ego-fart, egoqueaf, ego masturbation, ego-fap, egohole

Related Words: egosmashtical, ego fried, ego maniac, ego tripping, egobese, egotard

Antonyms: polite, complimentary, appeasing, gracious, altruistic, caring

Misspellings: egaculate, ego-jaculate, egojackulate
Kanye West likes to egojaculate at award shows.

Talk shows are the typical venue of the egojaculator.

Many stars have ruined their reputations over egojaculation, but Pee Wee Herman lost his by ejaculation.
by wmaxwell September 17, 2009
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