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A looser who edits for Urban Dictionary who has no social life, sits at the computer for hours on end, and compulsively rejects peoples definitions with a dirty tube sock stuffed in their mouth while subsequently maintaining a 2-inch erection. Edit whores commonly live with their parents and will often times wear their mother’s bra and panties while they wallow in a wasteland of potato chip crumbs and scat fetish mags.

Note: It is recommended that you approach edit whores with extreme caution as they are known for twirling on shit-stained computer chairs while frantically slinging excrement on their keyboard as they redundantly and unintelligibly hit the “reject button” like a tambourine monkey on crack.
Don’t bother wasting time on submitting a definition to urban edit whore will surely reject it.
by madskills75 July 13, 2010
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