a keen desire of a public or educational administrator to construct a building or buildings(a pun on Oedipus complex)
The principal seems to have an edifice complex.
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(n.)An Edifice Complex is a serious budget-busting illness that typically manifests itself on modern college and university campuses. Soon after their inauguration, an incoming university president will frantically and feverishly fall all over themselves to relentlessly badger wealthy donors and students for the purposes of leaving a mark with their name on it on the campus by constructing a new, over-priced, prime parking lot removing, ten-story structure post-modern eyesore whose purpose is solely to house administration, their support staff, and grace the cover of university brochures and websites. Faculty and students then are given the vacated, broken down, second and third string buildings for use as classes and offices.
Friend 1) Dude, I barely made it to class on time, even though I got on campus forty minutes ago! WTF?!

Friend 2)Well, my friend, out new president's got Edifice Complex so bad he took out all the prime parking to construct another building with is name on it. And then tripled the price of a parking permit to pay for the damn thing.

Friend 1) Oh sweet Jesus crap!
by mhibma March 8, 2006
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