Edgy™ is different than just being edgy. Being edgy is trying to be cool by staying ahead of things in the media. Edgy™ is trying too hard to be cool and often bragging about how ahead of the media they are.
Person A: "I listened to them way before they were popular."
Person B: "You are so edgy™."
by Luciel the weirdo January 05, 2018
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The mainstream edgy style, if edgy style could be mainstream. You know what I'm talking about, think of all the niche meme account aesthetics on instagram and dump it in a bucket of angst and expensive hoodies. The clout goggles, thrasher (even if you have no idea how to skate), vans, c h e c k e r e d e v e r y t h i n g. Bonus points if you own stussy merch or an anti-social social club hoodie. There's also grunge and art mom variations of this (hello yellow kankens!).
"I saw Jodie wearing pink clout goggles with her new 100$ sweatshirt"
"Those Basic Edgy™ girls scare the shit outta me man"
by voldesnoooooort March 07, 2018
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