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When a member of the straight edge
straight edge: one who abstains from smoking, drinking, being permiscious and in SOME cases are vegetarian/vegan and don't consume caffiene --When a member of the straight edge, recalls the day they "claimed" being edge for the 1st time, not everyone knows or cares about it but some do.

Edgeaversary presents don't really happy, parties don't really happen, its just like OH HEY I'VE BEEN BEHAVING MYSELF FOR __ YEARS NOW! THAT OWNS!
Example 1:
sxe kid 1: Eh whens your edgeaversary?

sxe kid 2: Meh l don't remember, but happy edgeaversary anyway! lts cool l'm glad to know theres people who aren't in it for the fashion and scene and actually care about being edge, thats awesome man, stay posi :)
by kater January 01, 2005
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